Government Child Care Fee Assistance

To help you with the cost of your child care, the Government via The Department of Human Services (DHS) provides the following assistance through the Child Care Subsidy (CCS).

The amount of subsidy that families will receive will be based on three things:

  1. their combined family income;
  2. the level of ‘approved’ activity they undertake;
  3. the type of child care service they use.

For more information on the Child Care Subsidy including how to claim please use this link: Child Care Subsidy - Services Australia

Once you have been assessed for the rebate the DHS will supply both you and your child with individual Customer Reference Numbers (CRN). Parents are responsible for providing Blueys Treehouse with the correct CRNs for lodgement into our software. These are required for us to submit your child’s attendance information to the DHS. They use this information to calculate the rebates you will be paid.

We recommend you apply for your rebate prior to commencing at Blueys Treehouse, as it usually takes up to four weeks for the DHS to complete their assessment. Full fees must be paid until CRN numbers are lodged with the centre and are successfully recognised (accepted by the DHS). Fees are then adjusted accordingly. A maximum period of 28 days ‘back-pay’ is allowable by the CCS.

CCS is paid by the DHS for absences up to a maximum of 42 days per financial year. It is the Centre Director’s responsibility to record the number of days of absenteeism. If a child has more than 42 days absences the parent is liable for full fees for any subsequent absent days unless a medical certificate is provided. In this case the DHS will pay rebates on absent days more than 42 days.

The Family Assistance office phone number is 136 150.

9918 7001
1 Kevin Avenue
Avalon NSW 2107
7.30am - 6pm
For 2-6 year olds